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These are the titles of each of the photographs represented on this site and the catagories in which they fall under. Click on a title in a catagory to launch that photograph.

Black & White
Fine Art
Summer Street
Fort Zachary Taylor
The Paramount Theater
Park Street Church

Untitled #1
Reflections in the Snow
Milk Street
Lincoln Memorial
Arlington National Cemetery
Blades of Grass
Falling Waters #1

Water Lilies
Mute Swan
Tree in a Snow Storm
Ocean Storm
Blue Sky
Roller Coaster
Our Country's Pride
Lily Pads
Ocean Wave
Courtyard Chair

Cloud Fingers
Fallen Shutter

Flora & Fauna
Landmarks & Places
Two Brothers
Three Jewels
Capturing the Sun
Fingers to the Sky
Naked Trees
Old Man Tree
Old Woman Tree
Redwood Forest
Standing Tall
Tree of Yellow
Trees Divided
Trees Touched
Waiting for Spring
Weighted Down
Two Trees next to a Barn
Salt Spray Rose
Young Woman Tree
White Water Lilies

Crater Lake
Shelter Cove
Golden Gate Bridge
Mt Shasta
Sunrise on Castle Crag
Sea Stacks
Old Orchard Beach
Falling Waters # 2
Mt. Lafayette

Old Man of the Mountain Sign
Old Man of the Mountain #1
Old Man of the Mountain #2
Old Man of the Mountain #3
The Lobster Pot
Erie Harbor North Pier Lighthouse
A Street on Nantucket Island
Ocean Park Ice Cream Parlor
Convoy Race
Power Surge
Flume Ride
The Sky Dome
The Mount Washington Hotel
The CN Tower
Package Store
Pizzeria Regina
Storm Drift on Duxbury Beach
Monhegan Island Lighthouse
Corner Cafe
Wentworth By The Sea Hotel
Hawk Sitting on George Washington
Milk Street 2004

Massachusetts State House
Stillwater River
Scituate Light
The Quarterdeck
Rainbow Row
Morris Island Lighthouse

Clouded Sulphur
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail #1
A Bee Pollinating Clover
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail #2

Dragon Fly #1
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail #3
Pair of Clouded Sulphurs
Dragon Fly #2
Common Wood Nymph
A Frog Resting

The Kris - Schel I
The Second Effort
Fishing Fleet
Provincetown Fishing Fleet
Scituate Town Pier
The Tiller
Ocean Race
The Sea Wind
Perkins Cove #1
Perkins Cove #2
The Keri Lee
Two Opposing Boats
Ice Dragon
Derek Lowe #1
Nomar Belts One
Nomar Garciaparra #1
Roy Halladay on the Mound
Nomar Garciaparra #2
Derek Lowe on the Mound
Manny Ramirez Takes a Swing
Little Girl Feeding Ducks
Vito Bruno
Elderly Woman Walking with Groceries
Two Men Hanging Out
Man Smoking a Cigar in Faneuil Hall
Man Stitching in His Shop
Woman on a Bench in a Storm
Chef Eating in His Cafe
Bryan New

A Pair of Mute Swans
Three Geese
Great Blue Heron in Flight

Cat in the Window
Dog Wearing Sun Glasses
Mom and Son

Old Man of the Mountain
Reflections in a Pond
Storm Drift on Duxbury Beach
Crater Lake
Gold Gate Bridge
The Jacky C
Palm Tree
Cotton Water
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
Perkins Cove
Stillwater River
Roller Coaster
Reflections in the Snow
American Bald Eagle
Main Street, Nantucket Island
Mute Swans
Ocean in the Winter
Nomar Garciaparra
Rainbow Row
Morris Island Lighthouse


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